Scott Prince | 40-20 Vision with Scott Prince
From the disaster that is season 2014 – believe it or not – the Titans and their fans have plenty of reasons for optimism in 2015.
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40/20 Vision with Scott Prince

08 Sep 40/20 Vision with Scott Prince

From the disaster that is season 2014 – believe it or not – the Titans and their fans have plenty of reasons for optimism in 2015.

There has been a massive generational change on and off the field in the past few months – Michael Searle, John Cartwright, Luke Bailey andMark Minichiello have either departed their positions or will after tomorrow’s finale against the Bulldogs.

All have been with the club since day one. You can either dwell on the past or move on. With the results the Titans have achieved over the past couple of seasons, it was time to move on.

A fresh start will bring the obvious teething problems of new combinations on and off the field. But there should be a sense of excitement at the Titans.

There is a blank canvas, so the incoming coach and players have the opportunity to paint their own future, to create their own culture. Yes, acknowledge the past, but make the future yours.

I seriously think there is the chemistry for something special at this club over the next couple of seasons.
Neil Henry is the key. I am sure he has the skill set to ignite the Gold Coast Titans.

I haven’t had a lot to do with Neil, but what I have impresses me. Way back in 2008 he was part of the Queensland Origin team’s coaching panel. His attention to detail was amazing and I have no doubt he played a major role in Queensland’s eight-year Origin reign.

Neil has a great knowledge of the game and already is a very experienced coach.

He will bring a lot to the Titans as head coach, but for me there are two crucial elements – leadership and a comprehensive playbook.

Neil’s appetite for preparation and analysis will mean the Titans’ attack should be more structured and effective. Neil will expose any weakness an opposition may have.

Of course a coach can’t do it all. He is the conductor who then must depend on his troops to get the job done.

But that is also why I am excited about 2015. The Titans already have a very good roster. They just need the injury gods on their side.

The hard-nosed experience and proven talent is there – Nate Myles, Greg Bird, Dave Taylor, Luke Douglas, David Mead, Beau Falloon would be welcome in any NRL team.

But the Titans X-factor is the young talent ready to prove they are the next big thing.

Players like Aiden Sezer, Albert Kelly, Ryan James and James Roberts, they are the ones with the biggest opportunity. They are the ones who now have the opportunity to make the future their own.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

These players should salute those that have gone before them, but then say: ‘OK, it’s my time now.”

And this can’t happen through ego, but through hard work. November through to the end of February is when premierships are won. This is when the hard pre-season work is put in. This is when the younger players need miles in their legs. This is when real toughness is born.

A number of the Titans younger players still have question marks over them as far as consistency goes. All they have to do is take one step at a time. But make sure that step is forward. Work hard, don’t take the soft option. The reward will come.

With hard work comes belief because you know you have done everything possible to put yourself in the position for success.

With belief, anything is possible.

Kind regards,

Scott Prince